Spine surgery

Mediservis is a distributor of top-notch innovative products for Spinal surgery. The main product supplier in this field is Spineart. Spineart puts emphasis on quality, innovation, and simplicity. This is the reason for their uniqueness and thus the products are an effective solution for spine surgeons, operating rooms, and last but not least for patients.

Apart from high-quality products, our firm offers a full service for hospitals which includes:

  • a trained team of experts for operating rooms support 
  • customer service to deliver products on time 
  • deliveries for operating rooms
  • consignment storage for operating rooms 
  • training for medical practitioners and medical staff
Cervical athroplasty
Cervical fixation
Interbody fusion
Thoracolumbar fixation

For more information about our portfolio and price please contact Mgr. Stanislav Bílý stanislav.bily@mediservis.cz (+420 602 245 545)