Medical consumables

Mediservis offers a wide portfolio of medical consumables that are needed during any medical performance.

Apart from high-quality products, our firm offers a full service for hospitals which includes:

  • a trained team of experts for operating rooms support 
  • customer service to deliver products on time 
  • deliveries for operating rooms
  • consignment storage for operating rooms 
  • training for medical practitioners and medical staff
Anesthesia and artificial ventilation
Regional anesthesia
Desinfection and sterilization
ECG accessories
Enteral nutrition
Injection, infusion and transfusion technology
Disposable protective material for staff and patients
Cardiology and electrophysiology
Cardiology intervention
Cardiology and cardiostimulation
Bandage material
Bandage and compression
Suction and drainage
Non-sterile Protection Materials for Staff
Nursing care
Wounds – Blasters and coverings
Wounds – Moist healing
Surgical gloves

For more information about products and prices please contact Mgr. Katerina Zajickova (+420 725 411 345)