Compressive horse therapy

Mediservis is a distributor of VETOFLEX products, which is a Czech manufacturer of unique products for compressive therapy for horses and riders.

The seamless knitting and the computer-controlled production process allow to use graduated pressure in the harmed parts of the body, and thus supports the circulatory system, especially by significant stimulation of the lymphatic system.

The products are developed in collaboration with leading orthopedists and physiotherapists, knitted by the most experienced knitters, and, last but not least, tested by the leading trainers and riders of various equestrian disciplines.

The products are made of a highly elastic material that has been specially developed for human medicine. This material has been used for many years and is still being improved to speed up the regeneration after exercise. For instance, when the limbs are swollen due to damage to the lymphatic system.

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Compressive bandages
Protective belts
Buckle sleeves
Rider socks

For more information about products and prices please contact Nicola Grünthalová