Altoa Premium Health Care

In recent years, more patients like the idea of premium care during their medical examinations. Some of the premium care benefits are, for instance, a shorter waiting time for the examination, control over the complex health condition, and a single contact where you will receive any information, help, or advice. Altoa offers these kinds of services for its patients. Thanks to a comprehensive examination, we are able to diagnose the problem in time, start solving it in time, and increase the chance of complete recovery. We have created various tailored health programs to meet our client's requirements. Altoa services also provide long-term care, as well as a wide range of one-off prevention programs and year-round services, including rehabilitation, and many more. Altoa provides the highest quality care and services in contracted facilities - the Hořovice Hospital, the Diagnostic Center of the Hořovice Hospital in Prague, the Beroun Rehabilitation Hospital, and the Multiscan Oncology and Radiology Center.

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